Art on the walls in Boston Children’s Hospital

I don’t know how many people actually take note of art work on the walls in hospitals, doctors offices and waiting rooms of healthcare facilities. I know before I get too engrossed in a magazine I do look around and observe and wonder who buys or selects the art. I have even noted art on the walls as I’m being guided down the hall with mild anxiety before a health exam, or that dreaded shot in the arm or operation. So I was happy to be contacted by L’Attitude Gallery who aside from their gallery in Boston also works with artists installing artwork in pediatric healthcare environments.

Here are two images out of the five that were installed at Children’s Hospital in Boston. Hopefully these images will help to cheer up or relieve a little anxiety or boredom for patients and their families.



2 thoughts on “Art on the walls in Boston Children’s Hospital

  1. Hi
    I couldn’t help but to write because I ran across your blog this evening and had to giggle at how much we happen to have in common.
    In this post….with the Boston Childrens Hosp, I actually did the same with L’Attitude Gallery a year ago…for the Hospitals Weymouth location.
    I also noticed that you are signed with Suzanne Cruise……and believe it or not…I just signed with her last week!!!
    Wow…very small world. I also have a dear friend who lives in Maine as well….Woolwich…..and my work is at a Maine gallery in Wells….Seeds Studio.
    I do hope all your art ventures are going well.
    Nice to “virtually” meet you!

    1. Hi
      Thanks for posting, it’s always fun to hear from fellow artists doing such similar things. Congrats on signing with Suzanne Cruise. You have a wonderful paper collage style. I’ll have to check out Seeds Studio. I get down that way every summer for about a week. All the best with your artwork-Janet

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