“Gypsy wind” at the Fall Quilt Market

First I wanted to show the two paintings that inspired Gypsy wind, my most recent fabric collection. These were commissioned pieces for an educational publishing company to be printed on brochures, CD’s and other collateral. They had asked for purely abstract artwork with a Paul Klee feel. I was specially thrilled to do these since Paul Klee is one of my favorite artists.

I was equally thrilled when P&B textiles asked me to try a fabric collection with a similar idea and feel. Here is the original main print I designed for them. The artwork was painted with gouache and pastel. I then handed painted and inked all the patterns and textures and scanned them into photoshop as layers. Putting this one into repeat and keeping the colors down to 18 couldn’t have been easy but P & B textiles did a great job with it.

Below are some examples of the printed product made into some fun pillows and a quilt, displayed at Quilt Market.

4 thoughts on ““Gypsy wind” at the Fall Quilt Market

  1. Dearest sweet Janet, your fabric collection is gorgeous! SUch beautiful colors! The market sounds like wonderful and very inspiring! Have a lovely merry happy day and love to you!

  2. I am in love with this fabric collection! I first saw it in the new magazine “Quilt Trends”, but cannot find it for sale as a collection anywhere. Is it going to be available for retail soon? Help! It’s just gorgeous and you are very talented!

    1. Thanks for your nice comments! So glad you like the collection. I was told it is coming into stores now. So it should be available somewhere? You can check http://www.pbtex.com I believe you can get info on where it is being sold on their site, there should be some on-line stores as well.

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