3 thoughts on “Instagram Best 9

  1. Your work is so beautiful! I am trying to figure out what to buy on Society6 as there are so many great options! I’m curious about the containers of dried paint in the images – is this how you store your gouache? Do you freeze it too or just store it like that and how long does it last? Any gouache storage tips would be of great interest!

    1. Thank you! Regarding the gouache, yes I do store a lot of my paints just in small plastic containers then add water to them when I want to use them again. I often do this once a tube has dried out. I cut away the thin metal tubing with an Exacto knife and then keep them in the containers and just add water to them when I want to use them again. I am just not very good at keeping the caps on the tubes or the containers consistently so it works for me to just let them dry out then add water as needed. They seem to last a long time this way, though I am not sure if anyone else does this?

  2. Thank you! This is so timely as I am finally getting back into trying a little design work with tons of old gouache that is almost impossible to open and I was thinking what a waste, it never occurred to me to use a knife. And I thought it would somehow be “ruined” if dried like you show them, but now I will give it a go! Many thanks for the info!

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