So Long Summer…..

Yesterday may have been my final swim for this year with the family at Middle Bay. Well it’s possible I’ll brave it a few more times before October. But probably the last really warm day where you feel like lingering afterwards to soak up the sun on the rocks along the shore.  By the time september hits in Maine, though still very pleasant, the air feels a bit crisper, the days noticeably shorter, the yard mostly shadows by afternoon, the last of my blackberry bush stems become shriveled and dry and the water is much colder.

I got my 6th grade  boys off to Junior high for the first time this week.  A transition I’d hoped to go a little smoother, but for some reason left us all feeling a bit frazzled and on edge all week. It’s definitely a change, an end to an era.  The beginning of a whole new parenting experience ahead of me. Which of course, no matter how much information I receive, advice I get or how smart I might think I am. I’m never really prepared for and will probably have to just resort to what I’ve had to from the get go,” just winging it”, and “learning on the go” none of which I admit are particularly strengths of mine. Oh well, in the end I hope we’ll all still love each other.

This “So Long to Summer” piece, which actually is officially titled “Belle Latitude” by my copywriter husband,Tom Mitchell, I finished a few weeks ago for The Brunswick 10×10 Annual Art Sale. The show raises money for Arts Are Elementary. An organization that sends artist into the schools to enrich the Arts education for students grade k-5th.

The piece was painted with gouache and pastel with some bits of collaged paper and fabric on Arches 140 lb. watercolor paper

Brunswick 10×10 Annual Art Exhibit Sale

Tonight!.  4th annual 10 X 10 Benefit Art Exhibit & Sale. 5 p.m.-8 p.m. The two venues are located next door to each other on Pleasant Street in Brunswick; the Morrell Meeting Room at Curtis Memorial Library and the Parish Hall at St. Paul’s Episcopal Church. All artwork will sell for $200. The artist receives $100 and $100 benefits Arts Are Elementary, which provides artist-in-residence experiences to all Brunswick students in grades K-5.

This is the forth year I’ve enter a piece or two. It is a great organization and a lot of fun. Unfortunately I was too busy this summer to complete more than one piece , but here it is. I worked on a very nice piece of thin pine wood, recycled from the back of one of my kids old wooden puzzles which had too many lost pieces to give away. I layered pastel, acrylic glaze, acrylics, pen and ink, pencil, cut out doodles on paper and small pieces of fabric from some of my fabric collections, so I guess it would be best described as mixed medium collage.

Art on the walls in Boston Children’s Hospital

I don’t know how many people actually take note of art work on the walls in hospitals, doctors offices and waiting rooms of healthcare facilities. I know before I get too engrossed in a magazine I do look around and observe and wonder who buys or selects the art. I have even noted art on the walls as I’m being guided down the hall with mild anxiety before a health exam, or that dreaded shot in the arm or operation. So I was happy to be contacted by L’Attitude Gallery who aside from their gallery in Boston also works with artists installing artwork in pediatric healthcare environments.

Here are two images out of the five that were installed at Children’s Hospital in Boston. Hopefully these images will help to cheer up or relieve a little anxiety or boredom for patients and their families.